The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is certified in the Green Marine program.? The Green Marine is a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry.? Learn more about the Green Marine program.

Our mandate, as outlined under the Canada Marine Act, is to contribute to the competitiveness, growth and prosperity of the Canadian economy, while providing a high level of safety, protecting the environment and responding to local needs and priorities.

We want to ensure Canadians continue to enjoy a healthy environment and the benefits of trade for generations.

Healthy ecosystem

Across all of our operations, we adopt a holistic approach to protecting the water, land and wildlife within our jurisdiction through a variety of programs that benefit our aquatic environment, port lands, and the wildlife that inhabit these areas. Learn more about healthy ecosystem.

Air, energy and climate action

Our air, energy and climate action programs promote air emissions reductions in key sectors of the port supply chain such as ships, trucks, terminals and rail locomotives. Learn more about air, energy and climate action.

Environmental reviews

We only approve projects that are unlikely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. Our Project and Environmental Review process requires us to carefully assess the impact of all projects proposed on port lands. These reviews assess potential impacts on fish, wildlife, vegetation, water, soil and air quality, as well as human and ecological health. Learn more about environmental reviews.

Policy and legislation

We require that all port-related operations comply with established environmental legislative and regulatory requirements, promoting both accountability and transparency.?Learn more about policy and legislation.